Just Watched “The Post”

Just came from watching the Spielberg’s  movie “The Post” and lord it left me feeling good. I went into undergrad firmly wanting to be a journalist, and this was the source of much discontent among relatives and parents. My parents in truth where cool about it, one of my aunts viewed it as a kind of cop out. Yet I knew better, I loved to write, I admired the Journalists and I admired magazines, Newspapers and Broadcast Journalists. The most fun I had in college involved playing pretend Journalist at my college newspaper, at my college radio station and working … Continue reading Just Watched “The Post”

Taste Buds: Why I love dance music

Series of essays which explore out loud how my musical taste buds have evolved   Hip-Hop started with the DJ as the central character in the story and now in 2018, the Dj is back with a vengeance. The DJ is exiting today in the form of the beat-maker, the producer and the instrumentalist. In the last decade the beat-maker and DJ has come front and center as my central musical inspiration. When I think of my musical icons of the decade I think of Flying Lotus, Dilla, Moodymann, Motor City Drum Ensemble and cats like Theo Parrish. These acts … Continue reading Taste Buds: Why I love dance music

As a Person from a Shit-Hole Country

Donald Trumps sentiment is shared by a lot of people. Whenever I had to tell people where I was from (one of the aforementioned shithole countries), I would get two reactions, one would be a reaction registering that they assumed my upbringing included living in a Slum, going through a Slum Dog millionaire existence. The other expression was gladness that I had escaped the drab misery of life in a shit-hole and landed myself a chance to live in the land of milk and honey.  I hated these reactions so much for the longest time. Trumps comments reflect two ideas … Continue reading As a Person from a Shit-Hole Country

The World is Run By Elites Pretending to be Regular Working Class people

Bannon’s mind is that of a child, who believes he is owed the world and gets mad when others also get chunks of the world handed to them. His education at Harvard makes him an elite, but even among the elites he felt uncomfortable. So despite being an elite he psychologically turns himself into an underdog a working class man fighting for regular judo-christian whites. He deliberately under-dresses, and always has this disheveled look. All the while he is known for quoting pseudo-intellectual garbage that sounds titillating and novel, to idiots. Despite all the faker y the guy came very … Continue reading The World is Run By Elites Pretending to be Regular Working Class people

Rest In Peace Reggie Osse (Combat Jack)

I came on Podcasts at a depressing time in my life. Working a dead end job, living in the societal grey of the immigration blues. While living this bleak existence I came upon the Adnan Sayed Podcast, called Serial, and I was hooked. Podcasts became salves that healed pain and inspired in the form of podcasts like WBEZ Chicagos’ “This American life” and WNYC’s “Radiolab”, I got all my laughs from Neal Brennans’ “Champs” Podcast which thrust you into the world of comedy, entertainment and race; Then my go to Hip-Hop content came from Hot 97′s “Juan Epstein” which was … Continue reading Rest In Peace Reggie Osse (Combat Jack)

The Technique of Shadow Boxing

Hip-Hop like Jazz before it, is obsessed with the idea of technique or style. I liken this to the old Kung-Fu flicks where different temples where adherents to different styles and the supremacy of each style was based on full frontal combat between the adherents of each style. Black-thoughts freestyle sort of brought back to the center the goose bump inducing power of the great use of metaphors, of witty turns of phrase, of vivid narratives, and explosive vocal delivery; The freestyle showed and shows that the old fashioned rap as combat mind set can still set minds ablaze and … Continue reading The Technique of Shadow Boxing

Is this song any good???

What makes this any good? What makes this song work? Important questions; but the wrong questions to ask when you are dealing with music made by young people. In particular music made by teenage to 20 sumthin’s living in 2017.Youthful music has always been informed by a fearless, boundless sense of possibilities. Young peoples lives are steeped in the boundlessness of their possibilities to create, and this distinct mind set is very present among today’s youth. On this particular song Rich The Kid rap’s with pauses that make you worry if he is rapping or making fun of someone with … Continue reading Is this song any good???