As a black man often time, we are defined by what we don’t or shouldn’t do, than by what we do well. I remember being in college and a group of my african friends telling me africans shouldn’t go to coffee shops, coz thats white people shit. I was told the same thing about swimming, listening to jazz, listening to and going to punk shows or liking old woody allen movies. But we live in a new age, black peoeple been doing unorthodox and cool bizarre things that challenge misconception and leave all the real racist types scratching their heads. … Continue reading BLACK PEOPLE DOIN COOL SHIT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT

Lives I find Interesting: Warren Buffett

I don’t worship a lot of people in the world of finance. I pay attention to them, I like to take a measure of their lives. Warren Buffett represents a bygone era of finance and financial investment. In the post 80’s ‘Greed is good” world his style is probably frowned upon as weak. But his story kind of combines, a passion for something a deep deep obsessive passion for something and a heart of gold can take you a long way. The world of finance and economics really grabbed my attention after taking a public finance course in graduate school. … Continue reading Lives I find Interesting: Warren Buffett

On Obama

So the big homie is stepping aside and the big trump is moving in. I personally am feeling, a little uncertain and scared. I mean Trumps nominating people like Jeff Sessions and Dr Ben Carson, so Trump has really lived up to many of the things that make liberal types like me scared. Obama on the other hand I was never very caught up in the fervor of his movement as people on my college campus lost their minds over him. I as a history buff and a so called enlightened person feel like the position of president is a … Continue reading On Obama

Scared of a Trump presidency? here is a care package

Trump is the bi-product of American resentment of the fact that a black man ran things for 8 years, or trump is the collective revenge of the American populaces’ frustration at a political system that doesn’t feel like it represented them. He is many things to many people, unpredictable, sexist, racist, prejudiced, rude, radical and smart to me he is an anomaly. He is equally extremely scary because you get the sense that this idea of a diverse, multi-cultural and optimistic society is about to get retooled and reconfigured in the image and ideas of Trump and his cronies. But … Continue reading Scared of a Trump presidency? here is a care package