Critical Breakdown Drake’s “Nice for What”

I can’t stand Drake, but I always give him a chance. I am a rap fan that loves to dissect the  trends occurring in the Hip-Hop. The rise of drake is very important to pay attention to and I pay close attention to this moves, his brand, and his music. Overall I consider him an ok rapper, but an ok rapper with incredible pop instincts. Pop instincts in rap are not bad things, pop instructs to me, represent the ability of an artist to rise above the strict rules of rap-dom, and craft music with a wide appeal. I consider … Continue reading Critical Breakdown Drake’s “Nice for What”

Making Sense is Overrated: A case for so-called Mumble Rap

Making sense, is overrated. Often times when art takes its next step, the next step always involves throwing out, the very idea of “what made sense previously”.  The previous rule book always has to be reinvent the very foundations of what it means to express a clear and well defined idea in an art form.  In Hip-Hop the old heads decry the death of real rap,  that make sense, but they forget when rap came out no fan of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield or Led Zepplin, seriously thought rap made sense.   Rap as a form of expression has always … Continue reading Making Sense is Overrated: A case for so-called Mumble Rap

The Technique of Shadow Boxing

Hip-Hop like Jazz before it, is obsessed with the idea of technique or style. I liken this to the old Kung-Fu flicks where different temples where adherents to different styles and the supremacy of each style was based on full frontal combat between the adherents of each style. Black-thoughts freestyle sort of brought back to the center the goose bump inducing power of the great use of metaphors, of witty turns of phrase, of vivid narratives, and explosive vocal delivery; The freestyle showed and shows that the old fashioned rap as combat mind set can still set minds ablaze and … Continue reading The Technique of Shadow Boxing

Top 10 R Kelly songs of all time

Ok I will open with a disclaimer stating how I unequivocally do not condone or support R. Kelly’s publicized abuses towards young women. Like Marvin, Sam Cooke, and Al Green R.kelly’s talent is intimately connected to his twisted psyche. R kelly is a man whose soul is tortured and mangled as he trys to navigate the tension between his gospel roots and his more hedonistic self-destructive tendencies. In the same breath R .kelly will sings praises to God while professing a bizarre bent towards a twisted sexual hedonism. He can be gritty without being over the top, he can be … Continue reading Top 10 R Kelly songs of all time

The South has something to say

I run around in a world of creative people. Punk rockers, Knob twiddling noise musicians, anarchist poets, and woke dread locked dashiki wearing  types. One thread that runs through all these friends of mine, is their deep seated hate and occasional ironic appreciation for so called Trap rap.I often argue that rap today sounds so refreshingly raw and youthful , that a measure of its originality is that it scares the socks of Hip Hop fundamentalists. Hip Hop today is actually in the world of music apart from Electronic music (Which hip hop kind of is), Hip Hop is one … Continue reading The South has something to say