Books I’m reading or rather listening to

Reading or rather, listening to Adam Hochschilds “King Leopold’s Ghost” is a cynical and enlightening glimpse into the brutal soul of the colonial experiment. The under development of Africa indeed was largely at the hands of Europeans, and their greedy desire to extract untold wealth from this country. In the case of King Leopold their is a strange mixture of hubris, racism and unrestrained stupidity that informs his pursuits. What makes this book particularly illuminating are all the untold heroes that came to the aid of Africans particularly interesting where African Americans like William Henry Sheppard, or people like George … Continue reading Books I’m reading or rather listening to

The South has something to say

I run around in a world of creative people. Punk rockers, Knob twiddling noise musicians, anarchist poets, and woke dread locked dashiki wearing  types. One thread that runs through all these friends of mine, is their deep seated hate and occasional ironic appreciation for so called Trap rap.I often argue that rap today sounds so refreshingly raw and youthful , that a measure of its originality is that it scares the socks of Hip Hop fundamentalists. Hip Hop today is actually in the world of music apart from Electronic music (Which hip hop kind of is), Hip Hop is one … Continue reading The South has something to say

How Music makes me a better person

I got a stern warning before i came to the United States, “Please don’t waste your time listening to music all the time.” Clearly my family felt like my love for popular music kind of came off as something that had taken over my life and changed me. But music was always in my life, all my most important memories come from or are defined by music of the time. It got me thinking about how in my culture the general perspective of people on pop culture is that its a childish distraction. That popular music and popular culture as … Continue reading How Music makes me a better person

The Historical Innevitability of Immigration

Immigration is a core narrative when you think about human history. You had individuals asking questions like “Hey whats happening over there? lets see whats over there?, and then you have people that lose a sense of hope, that are trapped by larger political forces, that destabilized their societies and they risk life and limb to go to peaceful places.  Then you have the economic refugee, young and full of pep and wishful thinking, who imagine a better life in another land.  In western nations immigrants have become a source of divisiveness. They are afraid that these immigrants represent an … Continue reading The Historical Innevitability of Immigration