How Western Evangelicals are Under-developing Africa

In high school, I met a kid who was a year younger than me, who proudly said he didn’t believe in God. This story stood out to me because, his ass got beat a bunch of times because of it, and he stood by it. It was completely bizarre to us, because growing up in deeply conservative self-proclaimed christian nation in Africa, such opinions are heretic. Growing up we never even thought that was something you could even consider. Only thing more hated than being gay is being  an Apostate or an Atheist, in a deeply conservative African country.  We … Continue reading How Western Evangelicals are Under-developing Africa

On Watching Get Out

The movie get out was terrifying because it managed to capture in a very real way the sort of psychic terror that comes from being a minority. I am African and as such many Americans sort of acted like I was completely unaware of race in America, by race in America I mean its historical, social and political implications. Sadly for some I was very aware if not in some ways more aware. I grew up gorging on copious amounts of American film and television, I remember being terrified watching “Mississippi Burning” or “A time to kill”. I was aware … Continue reading On Watching Get Out

Just Watched “The Post”

Just came from watching the Spielberg’s  movie “The Post” and lord it left me feeling good. I went into undergrad firmly wanting to be a journalist, and this was the source of much discontent among relatives and parents. My parents in truth where cool about it, one of my aunts viewed it as a kind of cop out. Yet I knew better, I loved to write, I admired the Journalists and I admired magazines, Newspapers and Broadcast Journalists. The most fun I had in college involved playing pretend Journalist at my college newspaper, at my college radio station and working … Continue reading Just Watched “The Post”

As a Person from a Shit-Hole Country

Donald Trumps sentiment is shared by a lot of people. Whenever I had to tell people where I was from (one of the aforementioned shithole countries), I would get two reactions, one would be a reaction registering that they assumed my upbringing included living in a Slum, going through a Slum Dog millionaire existence. The other expression was gladness that I had escaped the drab misery of life in a shit-hole and landed myself a chance to live in the land of milk and honey.  I hated these reactions so much for the longest time. Trumps comments reflect two ideas … Continue reading As a Person from a Shit-Hole Country

The World is Run By Elites Pretending to be Regular Working Class people

Bannon’s mind is that of a child, who believes he is owed the world and gets mad when others also get chunks of the world handed to them. His education at Harvard makes him an elite, but even among the elites he felt uncomfortable. So despite being an elite he psychologically turns himself into an underdog a working class man fighting for regular judo-christian whites. He deliberately under-dresses, and always has this disheveled look. All the while he is known for quoting pseudo-intellectual garbage that sounds titillating and novel, to idiots. Despite all the faker y the guy came very … Continue reading The World is Run By Elites Pretending to be Regular Working Class people

Books I’m reading or rather listening to

Reading or rather, listening to Adam Hochschilds “King Leopold’s Ghost” is a cynical and enlightening glimpse into the brutal soul of the colonial experiment. The under development of Africa indeed was largely at the hands of Europeans, and their greedy desire to extract untold wealth from this country. In the case of King Leopold their is a strange mixture of hubris, racism and unrestrained stupidity that informs his pursuits. What makes this book particularly illuminating are all the untold heroes that came to the aid of Africans particularly interesting where African Americans like William Henry Sheppard, or people like George … Continue reading Books I’m reading or rather listening to