Is this song any good???

What makes this any good? What makes this song work? Important questions; but the wrong questions to ask when you are dealing with music made by young people. In particular music made by teenage to 20 sumthin’s living in 2017.Youthful music has always been informed by a fearless, boundless sense of possibilities. Young peoples lives are steeped in the boundlessness of their possibilities to create, and this distinct mind set is very present among today’s youth. On this particular song Rich The Kid rap’s with pauses that make you worry if he is rapping or making fun of someone with … Continue reading Is this song any good???

Jobless Woes Part Uno

I came to America to go to school and it was as a college student in America that I got my first job. Not that I had never worked in my home country, but all the work I did back there was connected to my family’s businesses. My first job was as a custodian and I remember being very proud the first paycheck I got, and thinking “Man I got it made”. When I think of that now its kind of weird because I have been without a job now for almost six-months, and for the past decade and a … Continue reading Jobless Woes Part Uno

Top 10 R Kelly songs of all time

Ok I will open with a disclaimer stating how I unequivocally do not condone or support R. Kelly’s publicized abuses towards young women. Like Marvin, Sam Cooke, and Al Green R.kelly’s talent is intimately connected to his twisted psyche. R kelly is a man whose soul is tortured and mangled as he trys to navigate the tension between his gospel roots and his more hedonistic self-destructive tendencies. In the same breath R .kelly will sings praises to God while professing a bizarre bent towards a twisted sexual hedonism. He can be gritty without being over the top, he can be … Continue reading Top 10 R Kelly songs of all time

The South has something to say

I run around in a world of creative people. Punk rockers, Knob twiddling noise musicians, anarchist poets, and woke dread locked dashiki wearing  types. One thread that runs through all these friends of mine, is their deep seated hate and occasional ironic appreciation for so called Trap rap.I often argue that rap today sounds so refreshingly raw and youthful , that a measure of its originality is that it scares the socks of Hip Hop fundamentalists. Hip Hop today is actually in the world of music apart from Electronic music (Which hip hop kind of is), Hip Hop is one … Continue reading The South has something to say


This is hard, this pretty much changes every week. My biases sometimes can be toward Jazz, or towards Hip hop which I have listened to for a longer time. But I will base it on how I feel now. In no particular order albums I can’t live without John Coltrane – Giant Steps 2.  Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah um 3.Voodooo – D’angelo 4.  Slum Village – Fantastic Volume 2 5.  Franco Le TP OK Jazz – Mario 6. Fela Kuti – Zombie 7.  Stevie Wonder – Innervisions 8.  Radiohead – Kid A 9. Flying Lotus 10.  Charles Mingus – … Continue reading Listography: FAVORITE ALBUMS EVER