As a black man often time, we are defined by what we don’t or shouldn’t do, than by what we do well. I remember being in college and a group of my african friends telling me africans shouldn’t go to coffee shops, coz thats white people shit. I was told the same thing about swimming, listening to jazz, listening to and going to punk shows or liking old woody allen movies. But we live in a new age, black peoeple been doing unorthodox and cool bizarre things that challenge misconception and leave all the real racist types scratching their heads. So in the name of defying archetypes here is my list.

  • Aaron Mcgruder: This dude created Boondocks and Black Jesus he wrote a movie that wasn’t critically well received but gotta give him props for just doing it.
  • Afrikan Sciences:

When it comes to black music often times, peoples idea of it is steeped in cliche’s.Ideas often connected to highly percussive  music and music steeped in the blues and the past. African sciences takes the past, the future and the present, creates music that takes cues from the past while alluding to the future and living in the present.

Techno was the sound of futuristic black people but it got lost to black people very early t its birth. Bambounou is a french brother of polish and african origin. His presence in house is not a complete apparition. But i love his sound and what it stands for.

  • Sylvester Gates:

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