Top 10 9th Wonder Beats

So picture a scrawny little kid from a small mining town in southern Africa. Suddenly thrown into an American college town in  the American midwest. Now you would think this kid would feel some kind of sadness which he did, but the kid was a rabid fan of rap and despite being miles away from the great epicenters of hip hop he took to hip hop opinion pages with similar if not more zeal than he did his classes, much to the chagrin of his parents. Amidst his deep conversations with hip hop heads he comes upon a group called “Little Brother” a group whose sound and style shapes todays rap influencing everyone from Drake to Lil Wayne. Now a big part of their sound is the work of 9th wonder whose beats are legendary.In my opinion 9th wonder, J dilla, the diplomats, just blaze and Kanye brought soul samples back to rap in unique ways. So without more fanfare I want to present my top ten favorite 9th wonder beats, as I play the music of Susana Baca in the background on a cold Friday night.

  1. Little Brother – Whatever you say

2.  Nas (unofficial bootleg) – Made you look

3.  Little Brother – Lovin It

4.  KAZE & 9th Wonder – For the Record

5. Erykah badu – honey

6. Desitnys Child – Girl

7. Sean Price – Onion Head

8.  Ludacris – do the right thing

9. Little Brother – slow it down

10. Little Brother – Whatever you say


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