I accidentally became a DJ, this happened because as an undergraduate I was always asked to play music at peoples house parties, in particular my African and caribbean friends. At the time I was well known amongst fellow international students as the guy with the sound system. Meaning I always saved up a pretty penny to own a decent pair of speakers and a reliable laptop. I used virtual Dj a lot and if things got bad I once played a set using youtube clips. A lot of my playing involved Lingala, dancehall, soukous, afro-beat and Ethiopian music. I was basically tasked with weaving Dj sets that ran the gamut from Ethiopian pop music to Nigerian music to south African popular music. This taught me and continues to teach me a lot. At one point i got a radio show and on that i tapped into my personal taste which largely involved indie-rock,punk, jazz and soul. I was also getting into noise and so called IDM music. Above I did a small set and recorded it to mixcloud. Lately I have been in the position of really educating people on the history of dance music because of the renewed mainstream interest in Disco, Funk and Boogie.

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