So the fact that I left Facebook and Twitter is probably why my new attempt at conquering the blogosphere has fallen on deaf ears. But it was something i needed to do. I got on Facebook in 2005, and at the time I was also on MySpace and using Hi5 a lot. Right now I only have LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr. I hardly ever use Linkedin, I use Instagram quite a bit and I use Tumblr to promote my radio show and write random cultural criticisms here and there. Leaving Facebook was necessarily about mental health or anything or maybe it was. Facebook sucks you into a social vortex an echo chamber that keeps echoing the same ideas. It is a  world where life is a social arms race on Facebook with everyone posturing and trying to show that they have the coolest lives. Then don’t get me started on the political stuff, I left Facebook just before Trump Vs Clinton. Which is good because my social world is full of the kind of middle American millennial conservatives that are nice people. But view feminism, black lives matter movement and the LGBTQ movements as mere noisy posturing that has infected public discourse. One thing that was  frustrating about Facebook, was how dificult it was to actually converse with people.Facebook in a sense became this source of conversational impasse with all your associates becoming these echo chambers. I found myself incapable of finding any truly innovative conversations. So with that in mind I ended up canceling my Facebook I still feel very good about it. But I feel like i am missing out on shit, but on the other hand it forces people to reach out to me. I get more texts, emails and direct communications from people.

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