Lives I find Interesting: Warren Buffett

I don’t worship a lot of people in the world of finance. I pay attention to them, I like to take a measure of their lives. Warren Buffett represents a bygone era of finance and financial investment. In the post 80’s ‘Greed is good” world his style is probably frowned upon as weak. But his story kind of combines, a passion for something a deep deep obsessive passion for something and a heart of gold can take you a long way.

The world of finance and economics really grabbed my attention after taking a public finance course in graduate school. I was so taken aback at the interconnectivity of markets and human behavior. People who work in markets are in a sense trying to read logic out of chaos. Make sense out of unpredictable things. But he was a man of integrity who created a business model based on his personal touch. I view his life as inspiring because it is what i want for myself to merge my passion with a career.

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