I am a college radio dj, but I’m not in college anymore, I work at a place in which the business is built on music and I listen to music a lot. I listen to it so much that much of the time I get ear fatigue and I am at a point where, I can’t listen to music for long stretches of time. I will listen to a Mingus album and then listen to a dj mix because the thought of listening to one genre for an hour or more is excruciating. Listening to music as both a leisurely thing and as work when I dj out can be tough, because it occasionally numbs me to a lot of great things happening in music. One thing that happened was I was listening to Romare’s DJ mix on Benji B’s guest mix series. I listen to these mixes a lot, Benji B exists in my list of Dj’s that shaped my tastes. Now I heard the first song and I got a strange sense of dejavu. I felt like I had heard that song before, The vocal texture of the singing sounded like the person had a vocoder stuck in their throat and the music was being funneled through a small box.It felt strange and familiar all at once. The sense of heartache and longing had me almost crying. When I found the song I fell head over hills for the music video and the singer. I realised that I had probabLy heard this song years ago and forgot about it. I realized very quickly that there was a period of about a week in 2015 when I had this very song playing in my head as an ear worm and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Its magical how music works like a time travel machine helping to elucidate our memories and even give light to suppressed memories.

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