On Obama

So the big homie is stepping aside and the big trump is moving in. I personally am feeling, a little uncertain and scared. I mean Trumps nominating people like Jeff Sessions and Dr Ben Carson, so Trump has really lived up to many of the things that make liberal types like me scared. Obama on the other hand I was never very caught up in the fervor of his movement as people on my college campus lost their minds over him. I as a history buff and a so called enlightened person feel like the position of president is a bit too rigid to deliver on most of the promises he made. But in Obamas America I was rest assured that I was living in a country run by a somewhat knowledgeable smart, articulate and respectful person and as such I took him for granted. When trump won I suddenly realized that my laze fe attitude about Obama was misguided and at best totally wrong. The thing about a leader its almost like when you are a tempestuous rebellious teenager and you scream i hate you dad all day. But the day you get into any serious trouble, thats the first person you call. A leader is a symbol of comfort and security. Also Barry really gave black excellence a place in the spotlight. Obama also gave the presidency a youthfulness and vibrance that was needed, its like when my dad let me play my Outkast and 2pac cd’s as we drove to school. As we get into these times of uncertainty I goto say thanks obreezy

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