Scared of a Trump presidency? here is a care package

Trump is the bi-product of American resentment of the fact that a black man ran things for 8 years, or trump is the collective revenge of the American populaces’ frustration at a political system that doesn’t feel like it represented them. He is many things to many people, unpredictable, sexist, racist, prejudiced, rude, radical and smart to me he is an anomaly. He is equally extremely scary because you get the sense that this idea of a diverse, multi-cultural and optimistic society is about to get retooled and reconfigured in the image and ideas of Trump and his cronies. But I also think its an interesting time to see how the people react to actions that threaten their civil rights. I think its gonna be a great opportunity to see how regular Americans stand up for their rights. Im as much afraid as I am excited, so lets see how it goes. Below in no particular order are interesting articles highlighting the waters that we are getting into as Trump take up office

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